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It's not us! Please report them to us and send us screen grabs if you can. Don't answer or click on any links sent through these texts. 

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How do I reply to ads safely?

How do I reply to ads safely?

Why is it safer to communicate using Gumtree?
We have a smart filter system that stops spam or suspicious emails from getting to you. This saves you both time and some troubles if a scammer was trying to reach you. We also hide your email address when you message someone. So they’ll see the content of your message and be able to email you back, but your email address will look like jumbled up letters and numbers.

Keep in mind that you should always log in through our website directly. Find us on Google search or pin us to your favorites. Don't follow links you receive in emails. I may very well not be us!
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What are the risks I could be looking at?
Since our messaging system protects you, you’ll find people who ask you to take the conversation off Gumtree, onto either your private email or texts. Be careful when you do. An honest seller would have no reason to take you away from a secure messaging system.
While browsing, you may see some ads with either email addresses or phone numbers on their photos. Be especially careful when you do and report them to us just in case.
If the scammer wants to get really clever, they may have a YouTube link in their ad which takes you to a video with contact info on it.
Always report these ads to us, so that we can take action on the account. It could save someone a lot of trouble.
Here’s a couple of examples of what these images look like:

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