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Safety Alert !

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from an insurance company and telling you someone in your household has had an accident in the past three years, be aware that it may be a scam.

We have had reports that they're asking for home addresses, possibly to determine the location of your car. If you do get this kind of call, please call us or contact us through Live Chat and give us as much information as you can.

Site Alert !

Check out this page for valuable information and tips to buy and sell a car!

Business accounts for Property

Property is a paid category. If you post there often, you could benefit from opening a business account. Especially if you post for different properties – for sale, for rent or homes abroad.
Benefits of a business account for Property
  • Track the different ads you’re posting
  • Discounted prices for posting more than one ad
  • An account manager to take care of you and your business account
  • Different ways to pay
  • A dedicated phone line and email support
  • A pro-account console to make posting easier 
If you’d like to know more, visit the Property section on Gumtree For Business.


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