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Brand Infringement (NTD)

Brand Infringement (NTD)

What do you mean by Intellectual Property Infringement?
If someone is advertising an item or service on the site, and claiming things which are only owned by the ‘Rights’ owner of that property. For example, someone selling a Gucci bag which wasn’t actually made by Gucci.
If your item or services was removed and we sent you an email saying that this is why we removed it, we won’t be able to let you advertise that item or service with us. Look at our advice on the Help section to learn about what you can or can’t post.
I’m the ‘Rights’ owner and want to report an ad to you. How do I do it?
You’ll need to fill in this form with all the relevant information and fax it to us. Use this form only if you are the lawful owner of the intellectual property right, to report an infringement or join or Notice of Infringement Programme.
Make sure to provide us enough info on the form to help us identify the ad. We also need the right details for us to verify that you are the entitled party or the officially authorised representative. We’ll give you an email address you can contact us on later if you find more ads that need to be deleted.


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