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How to Register On Site

To view a click-through guide to show you how to register and other specifics, click here.

Creating an account with Gumtree is fast and free, but must be done on our website.  With only one set of login details to remember, posting ads will be faster.  You'll also be able to manage your ads in one place. 

Please note that your email address becomes your unique login and as such we cannot update your login when you change your email address.  This would require a new login.  However you can use different contact email addresses on the ads that you place.

At a glance, you can tell which ads are expiring, and you'll be able to take action, such as editing or deleting your ad, more easily.

If you regularly post a lot of housing or job ads on Gumtree, a business account might be a better option for you.  To find out more visit our business section.

To register:

Select Post an ad in the top right of  At this page, if you are new to Gumtree, please enter your email address and click No, I am new to Gumtree.  Click on Continue and then create a Gumtree ad by entering in relevant information.  Also complete the personal details section and password.

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Once you have posted your ad, you will be informed that an activation email has been sent.

activation note on post ad


N.B. If you don't receive your email, double check it isn't in your Spam or Junk Mail folders.



No need to set a new password as we will use the one from the ad you just posted.  You can change this though on the 'Edit My Account' page after you activate your account.

manage ads activated

You are now registered with Gumtee.  Please remember your email address and password, as if you will need this information if you want to edit or delete your ads or post a new ad.

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