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When SELLING TICKETS, make sure not to post photos of the barcode of your ticket on Gumtree. Showing the barcode of a ticket on the internet could possibly lead to your ticket being cloned.

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We are currently experiencing an issue where VAT receipts are not being sent out to you if you have purchased a Feature or have paid for an advert. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this! We are aware of the issue; rest assured that we are working to get this issue resolved as soon as possible!

Buying a Bike on Gumtree

If you are buying a bike on Gumtree please follow these safety tips...

Ask the seller:


Be suspicious of stock photos – ask for a genuine photo of the bike

Insist on a bike frame number prior to the sale.  Check this and any bike registration numbers on sites such as

If you think the ad is for a stolen bike, report the ad to let us know

When you meet, check that it’s the bike that was advertised using the frame number again.  The frame number is normally on the underneath of the frame, near the pedals

Do they have a receipt?

Why are they selling it?

Are they happy to bring photo ID to the sale?

Ask for a receipt for the sale with their signature and address (you may need it for insurance purposes)



If an advert looks dodgy, and the seller doesn't have a credible story as to where they acquired the bike, walk away. Remember that meeting a dishonest seller carries a personal risk. If you buy a stolen bike, you could lose the bike and the money you paid for it or potentially be charged by the police.

When you buy your bike, check these links for tips on avoiding theft  and info on how to  register your bike for free  from the London Cycling Campaign.

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